Loyality Cards

Material : White PET
Size : 3.39"x2.13" / 86mmX54mm
@ economical Prices

A loyalty card program is an incentive plan that allows a retail business to gather data about its customers. Customers are offered product discounts, coupons, points toward merchandise or some other reward in exchange for their voluntary participation in the program. Loyalty card program also help to build repeat business by offering participating customers something that isn't available to non-participating customers. Customers typically register their personal information with the company and are given a unique identifier, such as a numerical ID or membership card, and use that identifier when making a purchase.


FBT is a leading supplier of loyalty cards. We produce the trendiest custom-built loyalty cards that are perfect for your business promotion strategies for retaining customers. We have an exclusive and impressive collection of loyalty cards to choose from which are designed by our professionals. We also assess your business and give suggestions about which loyalty card design would be most impressive to the customers. Customers can choose from our wide variety of colours, multiple finishes, signature and customer signature panels, thermal printing, bar coding in multiple formats etc.


Our friendly sales team will guide and give suggestions to the customers to come up with the design and physical structure of the loyalty card they have in their mind. We have high quality cards in competitive attractive prices. Every few season we come up with discounts for our valued customers which they can make use of. We encourage our customers to come up with suggestions and feedback so that we can improve ourselves and serve them better. We have a return policy that allows customers to return the purchases if they are not satisfied within a period. Customers can get in touch either by calls or emails.