Pre Printed Cards

Material : White PET
Size : 3.39"x2.13" / 86mmX54mm
@ economical Prices

Pre-Printed Cards combine the best features of large run lithography-pressed cards and dye-sublimation printers to provide a cost effective option for various Cards like Bank, Gift, ID, Loyalty, Membership and other card products. Cards are pre-printed with a base design using lithographic printing and then, when needed, minor monochrome or full color customizations like bar codes, control numbers, names, phone numbers, and photos are added. Pre-printed cards provide significant time and cost savings to banks, businesses, gyms, hotels, hospitals, retail stores, spas, and organizations with high volume card customization needs.


ID Card Solutions is a product of FBT (Fernandez Business Technocrats), we print and supply ultra-high quality pre-printed cards for clients like Banks, Schools, Colleges, Industries, IT Companies, etc. Printed on full spectrum of colors on Heidelberg Printing machines, our cards provide the most beautiful and accurate State of the Art Reproduction with a smooth mirror like finishing and a scratch resistant surface. FBT expert professionals work 24x7 to deliver the client’s needs on time. The pre-printed cards printed by us are highly durable, long- lasting and also water proof, we print and deliver these pre-printed cards for clients anywhere in India and abroad.


At FBT clients have the liberty to choose their own designs, colors, images, or they can choose more with our pre-printed card design packages. Our durable, preprinted cards can be used for loyalty or gift card programs, or print additional information on them for use with membership programs. Quickly and easily print monochrome or color text on high-quality pre-printed plastic cards that feature your organization's design, colors and other information. Our Pre-Printed card packages will help increase your organization's efficiency by making it convenient and simple to use an existing printer to add information to pre-printed plastic cards.