Scratch Cards

Material : White PET
Size : 3.39"x2.13" / 86mmX54mm
@ economical Prices

Scratch cards are paper based or plastic cards that lets people to scratch on a part of the surface to find numbers or words underneath. It provides a surprise element to the user and is used to excite customers. Scratch Cards are used in lottery games, quizzes, paid phone card, games, free etc. Scratch cards help to excite customers. They are given free with some products upon which the user scratches the cards to view number or wordings which reveal if they have won any prizes.


FBT Scratch cards have safe water based coating that can be scratched off easily without normal abrasion. We provide full range of scratch cards that are of high quality, durable and easy to carry. Our cards are available in vibrant colors and different shapes and designs. Scratch cards usually come in rectangle or square shapes, but we can provide other shapes like round or star shapes. Cards are designed as per customers requirement. We guarantee authenticity of data provided on the scratch cards.


We have a reliable set of marketing consultants who research and come with the most appropriate eye-catching cards designs to please customers and to take your business to greater heights.Our friendly customer service staff are available 24/7 to assist the customers with suggestions and tips to come up with the most trendy and useful designs they are looking for to match their business needs. We look forward to hearing from our customers.