Transparent and Translucent cards

Material : White PET
Size : 3.39"x2.13" / 86mmX54mm
@ economical Prices

FBT offers best quality Transparent and Translucent cards. Transparent cards are clear see-through cards, while translucent cards have a frosted appearance. These cards are not just durable but also memorable making it hard for anyone to ignore. We use state of the art printers to produce high quality transparent cards. Our translucent business cards use a polymer plastic that diffuses the light as it passes through. This unique property allows for truly unique design elements such as watermarks or dual plane printing. These cards are waterproof, tear proof and very resilient.


FBT offers an all new style for your Plastic cards need. We’ll print your names on transparent and translucent cards, which will be stylish looking material that will give a classy appeal to your cards as well as to your personality too. Printed Transparent cards gives you an ‘out of the box’ look as we give you a complete customization. You can get an image printed, or even a simple written name gives it the most stylish appeal that will surely hold a person’s eyes on to it. Now stand completely out of the crowd adding a funky art to your regular boring 3.5" x 2" white pieces of your company name. Try the latest transparent and translucent business cards by us that are absolutely unique in style, shape, appearances and most of all - the 'feel'. These are truly something to add a class to your name.


Our unique design is guaranteed to appeal to the customers making them come to us again and again. We have free design service team who helps the customers with the right design they have in their mind or help them with our suggestions. We create a digital mock up of the cards, which show how the card would exactly look. We make revisions using customers feedback until they are 100% satisfied .We are always reinventing ourselves to catch up with the new innovations and technologies in ID Card design and production. Our aim is 100 % customer satisfaction. We look forward for your feedback which will enable us to serve you better.