FBT Recruitment 

FBT helps to guide people their job hunt by being the best in HR Services. We help to connect the right talent with the right clients to fill their requirement by using the latest technology of today to achieve particular business goals. We take care of entry level positions to C Level Staffing Executive Search and provide permanent recruitment, direct placement, contract staffing, campus placement and outsourcing for the IT sector.We work closely with our client’s to understand their needs and function all the way to follow ups with both clients and candidates post recruitment. With this understanding we try to fill the lacking gaps in your organization and ensures your business achieves its set targets. We source the most suitable talent for the open positions with our clients. Once placing the candidate our team of recruiters stays in touch with them that help in candidate’s retention if ever required.


Our Recruitment Process


Our hiring process ensures your company attracts the best possible talent with an on boarding process that welcomes new additions to your existing team. Below mentioned are the steps of recruitment cycle we adhere to:

1. Hiring Process Begins


We develop an understanding of the Organization and their requirement by accessing the organization’s history, culture and operating structure to understand their needs better in order to find the perfect fit for the requirement.

2. Sourcing of Candidates


We source the right candidates through different ways i.e. first we look for candidates in our existing database or in our own Job Portal FBT Placement Consultants, then we post it on other job boards or portals, we then post the job openings on various social media platforms too, in case of mass recruitment, we arrange job fairs and make face to face interactions with job seekers and collect their resumes.

​3. Candidates are screened


After receiving a pool of interested candidates we start screening the right fit for the open position. We take initial round of telephonic interview and we weed out the candidates who do not match the job criteria.

​4. Employers Receive CVs


We further send a list of shortlisted candidates to clients where actual selection stage begins. The selection process consists of a number of activities like Panel Interviews, behavioural and situational interview questions and may be more than this.


​5. Interviews Are Held


Before processing the shortlisted candidates to the clients FBT insures that a proper client and candidate contract is been done to make sure that there would be no misunderstanding between FBT, the Clients and the Candidates and that a smooth relationship will prolong for a longer period of time.


6. Background Checks Are Conducted


When our client decides on a candidate, we conduct express background checks to expedite the recruiting process, on successful extension of a job offer we act as a mediator between client and candidate salary expectations.


7. Candidate is hired


The most crucial step involved in our recruitment process is making this placement successful. Once the candidate accepts an offer letter and is welcomed to the organization as a new employee, our recruitment cycle come to an end. We being a part of on boarding process, maintain our contract with the hired candidate to prevent employee turnover.

​8. Follow Up with Respective Parties


We continue to maintain our relationship with both the client and the candidate to ensure smooth integration of the candidate in the organization.